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Welcome to Mapple Overseas

North India's premier ayurvedic manufacturing company "Mapple Overseas" is a single-point source for all your ayurvedic medicines contract manufacturing requirements.

We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of ayurvedic preparations in capsules, tablets, syrups, cream, lotion, oil and gel forms. We are GMP Certified and manufacture ayurvedic formulations in accordance with AYUSH norms.


Ayurvedic Research & Development

In Ayurveda, research means something different from what it means in the context of allopathic medicine. Research is literally re - searching in the context of Ayurveda. Searching and discovering what has been forgotten. Research is very much linked with Ayurvedic practice and cannot be a separate activity. A physician has to be a researcher because every patient that comes to him is an opportunity for research and discovery of a new approach to treatment.

Combining the strengths of the knowledge base of traditional systems such as Ayurveda with the dramatic power of combinatorial sciences and high throughput screening will help in the generation of structure-activity libraries. Ayurvedic knowledge and experiential database can provide new functional leads to reduce time, money and toxicity - the three main hurdles in the drug development.

Any other kind of research is restricted to documentation and an attempt to understand what happens in the course of Ayurvedic treatment. One has to become really convinced that the treatment made the difference. One must not be misled by the fallacy that any cure that follows a treatment can be attributed to the treatment.

This is what research and documentation can achieve. It is hoped that this activity will give a scientific footing to Ayurvedic practice and develop the interface for interactions with the scientific community.

A review of some exemplary evidence-based researches and approaches has now resulted in wider acceptance of Ayurvedic medicines. In the new era of drug development based on natural products, there can be two paths. One the traditional methods of drug discovery based on active principles and hit and trial method, and the another is intentional based on sound understanding of the paradigm of natural products action in the body based on Ayurvedic principles. The latter one has got greater chances of success and also has lesser time bar for development as it is based on the clinical activity.



Research Activities

Improvement of plantation of medicinal plants.


Micro propagation and somatic of the medicinal plants (embryogenesis).


Tissue culture of rare and endangered taxa. Ex situ conservation of endemic and economically important plants.


Resource generation from sale of tissue cultured medicinal plants.


Various other ongoing research activities on medicinal plants.